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Insurance is a must-have for any trip, no matter how short. Form E111 is all very well (entitles you to free health treatment in European Union countries), but it can be a tricky and protracted process to get reimbursement. Besides, you also need insurance for lost luggage, delays, cancellations, curtailment and so on.

If you travel more than once a year a multi-trip policy is the most cost-effective option, particularly if you can take advantage of a "family" deal (which still covers adults travelling individually).

At BabyGoes2 we've been researching insurance for our own family trips, and have found the annual multi trip policies to be the best bet. There are plenty of sites – but some take ages to give you a price and then even longer to complete the registration process. Then finally some require you to print the policy rather than giving you the policy numbers and important addresses on screen.

Sites we recommend for both price, excellent cover and ease of application are below. Just click on the buttons to go straight through:


To book scheduled and charter flights worldwide we find that the following service really works. Just click and search for your flights. If you decide to book, we'd be grateful if you'd use this babygoes2 link to access the site. Thank you!

Car Hire

For the lowest prices and best service worldwide click on the icon below to
arrange your car hire. If you return to book later, please remember to click
through the babygoes2 link. Thanks!

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