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Hand luggage checklist
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Mumgoes2 - pampering
luxury holiday with baby

Two months before
luxury holiday with children

*Apply for passports/visas if necessary

*Check whether vaccinations are required for your luxury holiday with baby

Passports: are required for all children under 16 (a child's 5-year passport costs £45); forms are available from main post offices and you should allow up to month for processing. Children already included on parents' passports can continue to travel on them (if accompanied by the parent) until they reach the age of 16. For more information about luxury holiday with children phone the 24-hour Passport Adviceline on 08705210410 or visit the website at, where you can also apply online. Fast track and Premium services are only available at a passport office by appointment, which you can make through the Passport Adviceline. The fast track service can process an application and guarantee delivery within 7 days (£91 for adult passport, £80 for child passport) and the Premium service can renew or ammend passports within 24 hours (£108 for adult passport, £93 for child passport).

Visas: To find out whether a visa is required for luxury holiday with baby in UK, contact individual embassies or consulates. Children with separate passports require separate visas, but a child included on a parent's passport usually does not. A valid passport with photograph is needed to apply. For more information, contact the Passport Office on 020-7271 8552.

Vaccinations: Contact your GP a couple of months before your departure, as some immunisations cannot be given simultaneously with others (British Airways Travel Clinic: 01276 685040). You should record them on an International Health certificate to take with you.

It's well worth paying a small extra charge for someone from one of the passport agency's high-street partners (ie member of Post Office staff) to check through your passport application before it is sent off. It's very easy to omit a document, signature, counter-signature or to sign outside the boxes.

If you don't fancy grappling with your baby/toddler within the confines of a passport photograph booth, try taking them to one of the growing number of high street processing outlets offering passport photographs. Here, you can simply hold your baby above your head - it's all over in a flash. 

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A month before
luxury holiday with baby in UK

*Plan changes to your child's routine. Now is the time to instigate any major changes to your child's routine such as potty-training, weaning or moving from a cot to a bed. Put aside a few small toys that your child enjoys playing with, so that when you resurrect them during the luxury holiday with baby, they'll be greeted like long-lost friends.  

Two weeks before
luxury holiday with children in UK

*Compile lists of what you might need to take and start assembling items. 

The day before
luxury holidays

*Make sure your children get plenty of rest and provide them with plenty of fluids, along with their favourite bland foods (not too greasy). Toddlers might enjoy packing their own bags with toys, books and snacks for the journey.

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Handbag/wallet checklist
luxury holiday in UK

Passports and tickets
Money/travellers cheques
Insurance documents
Innoculation documents e.g International Health certificate
Photo of your child, in case you get separated in a crowded area
Extra copy of birth certificates, photo id
Driving licence and copy

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Hand luggage checklist
luxury holiday with baby in UK

Babygoes2’s hand luggage packing suggestions include the ideal hand luggage items for a stress free flight. However, following the World Trade Center terrorist attacks, airlines worldwide are implementing increased security measures. All passengers’ baggage (both hold and hand baggage) will be subject to greater security screening throughout the luxury holiday with baby.

Whilst none of the items we suggest below are banned from hand luggage, there will be restrictions on the amount of hand luggage you can take on your luxury holiday with children. Some airlines have stated that check-in agents may require that all items of hand baggage be checked in. If not checked in, hand luggage may be strictly limited to one small item of briefcase or ladies' handbag size.

Most airlines (please check with individual carriers) are urging passengers to pack non-essential items of hand luggage in hold baggage. Travel documents, valuables, medicines, and cigarette lighters are permitted on board the aircraft with you.

Baby items will be permitted as hand luggage, but please restrict these to essential items

Passengers are advised to use their common sense with regard to items on board the aircraft but the following are NOT permitted on board the aircraft under any circumstances

  • Any sort of knife with blade of any length
  • Household cutlery
  • Paper knives
  • Toy or replica guns
  • Scissors
  • Knitting needles
  • Cricket bats, pool cues etc


For up to date information about these luxury holidays with baby, pls check our news page

* indicates recommendation on what to buy page

Drinks: Bottles or beakers *
Pre-sterilised bottles*
Disposable/portable bottle sterilisers
Cartons of formula or SMA travel sachets
Cartons of drink with straws (for older babies and children) Boiled cooled water for drinks and feeds
Small plastic bags
Small toys
Colouring book/crayons
Extra T-shirt for both you and baby
Disposable changing mats/fold-up or roll-up changing mat*
Baby wipes (regular/antiseptic/anti-bacterial)
Anti-bacterial gel requiring no water
Small packets of tissues
Nappy cream*
Nappy sacks
Baby and child-sized inflatable pillows *
Portable bottle and baby food warmer *

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Drinks: If you're breastfeeding on a plane, try and time feeds to coincide with take-off or landing or both. It will help relieve the pain associated with ears "popping".

For older babies and toddlers, offer beakers of drink during take-off and landing. Alternatively, cartons of drinks with straws are useful (beware of spraying your toddler with them after opening), as well as being a good distraction - particularly if your child does not normally have them.

A bottle/beaker of fennel or camomile tea might help to relieve a nauseous child

Snacks: Tried and tested successes include: popcorn, ricecakes (Marmite variety are particularly popular), crackers; sandwiches (try spreading a flour tortilla with your child's favourite filling and slicing into pin-wheel sandwiches) ; raw fruit and veg.

Nappies: It's worth bringing at least enough to take care of the journeys to and back again. There's nothing worse than an almost-2-year-old wriggling on your lap in a nappy that's "pants" and you both emerging from the plane smelling of wee.

Small plastic bags: (ideally the zip-up variety) These are invaluable for storing any sticky snack remnants and for any wet items.

Toys: Small toys for the luxury holiday with baby can be handily stored in washing-powder tablet nets. Tried and tested items include: small cars, small storybooks, bags within bags with small, soft items in; baby jigsaw; bag of something to count - anything light and soft; crayons/ colouring books (or alternatively log on to one of the net's sites - Crayola for example where you can print off pages (, stickers, teddy or favourite toy.

Extra clothes: It's worth packing an extra T-shirt for both you and baby in your hand luggage to cope with the thrills and spills of the journey. Also, at times it can feel quite cool in an aircraft cabin for example.

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Main Luggageluxury holiday with children in UK

Essential items checklist for your luxury holiday with children
* indicates recommendation on what to buy page

Extra pair of shoes/sea shoes*
Swim nappies*
UV Sun protection suit*
Swim accessories: armbands, rings etc *
Mosquito net for small babies *
Mosquito plug-in repellent, plus tablets
Lightweight buggy plus parasol
Baby-carrier or sling *
Baby monitor *
Small cool-bag *
Beakers/bottles/sterilising equipment *
Bowl and spoon
Small reading lights*
Small plug-in nightlight*
Rubber door-stops
Universal bath-plug
Small paddling pool or inflatable boat*

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Clothes: For hot climates, take plenty of baggy, long-sleeved cotton clothes and lightweight cotton trousers to provide sun-protection. Sarongs are very useful for:

*wrapping a small baby in and protecting them from mossies while keeping them cool. Very useful when breast feeding.

*tying up as a sling for early walkers/toddlers when you have a tricky climb or walk to a beach. It could saves having to take an actual sling if you're out of that stage.

*using to lie on the beach if you're not prepared with other stuff or want to keep towels sand free. They can be rinsed out easily and dry out quickly

Nappies: unless you’re backpacking you might as well take some of your preferred brand with you. Just take a pack and check it in separately. Everyone tells you it’s easy to buy nappies when you get there, and yes, you can. But do you really want to spend your time shopping for nappies when you doing something much more enjoyable at your luxury holiday with baby in UK, or worrying about the local brand not meeting your exacting standards? No, of course you don’t, so take ‘em if you can. (Some operators, such as Powder Byrne will buy in your favourite brands for you, so you’ve got a stock on arrival. Now there’s service….)

Sun care: UV protective clothing and swimwear are widely available together with mini UV tents which are ideal for the beach when your child naps and for feeding. You will almost certainly need a parasol at least.

Food: *Before loading yourself down with jars, do a bit of research on what your destination might offer. For example, while Italian baby food is very bland, there are some excellent French and Spanish varieties. In Puerto Pollensa, a popular Majorcan family resort, there are even supermarkets which stock organic baby food.

*Even if you're quite confident about your child eating what you eat, it's useful to have a few of their favourite jars on hand for when they're a bit tired or just too excited to eat. If you pack them in bubble wrap in your suitcase you'll hardly notice them.

*It's a good idea to get your baby used to eating food (and drink) at room temperature, straight from the jar or whatever - it won't always be possible to heat things up on the move.

*If you're not convinced about what might be on offer or don't want to do a huge shop instead of relaxing, it's worth taking some dried items such as pasta and snacks together with cereal (either individual-sized servings, or larger box, minus the cardboard box). 

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Drink: *Breastfed babies are unlikely to need anything else to drink when you're away, even in hotter climates, although they may want feeding more often.

*For bottle-fed babies, bring some ready mixed cartons and/or sachets of powdered formula, along with some sterilised water for the journey of luxury holiday with baby in UK. Powdered babymilk is widely available abroad although obviously brands will differ. Read labels for added salt and sugar. Check out the local water. Depending on where you are, it's worth taking a Thermos to fill with boiled water for when you're out and about. 

Cleaning up: Make sure you take washing up liquid and washing powder if in a hotel. You might not be self catering but you'll have to wash up bowls and cups and if your child is unlucky enough to suffer from an upset tummy, you might have to wash a few clothes, even if you're only there for a weekend. Don't rely on hotel laundries - they are often closed or on a go slow at weekends.

Bathing: If you haven't brought your baby bath, tiny tots can be quite easily bathed in a sink (wrap socks around tap). Alternatively, a universal bath plug means you can convert any shower into a bath (juicy tip? a satsuma can work just as well!)

Plug-in nightlight: Useful for your child's peace of mind in unfamiliar surroundings. Portable bedrail If you've got room, it's worth considering for young children, particularly if they've recently moved from cot to bed.

Small reading light: This can double up as a torch: you can still read/examine your baby without disturbing their sleep.

Rubber door-stops: Extremely useful for wedging doors open in villa or for giving added security in hotel rooms.

Shoes: Little feet delight in kicking off footwear and life is difficult without them. In particular, sea shoes are essential where the beach is stony or where there are potential hazards lurking beneath the water (e.g. weevil fish in Crete).

Paddling pool or inflatable boat: one of these is a brilliant thing to take along. It takes up very little room in a suitcase, and works as a bath (if there isn’t one) or more importantly a great fun distraction for babies and toddlers. If you’ve got a boat for this luxury holiday with baby then they are VERY popular in the pool, and on the beach. Of course you can usually buy one wherever you’re going – depends on the level of preparation you prefer. Either way they’re great to have.

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Worth thinking about (depending on how much space you have)
luxury holiday in UK
* indicates recommendation on what to buy page

Car seat
Back pack*
Sun-protection mini-tent *
Child booster seat *
Portable stairgate*
Car bottle and food warmer which plugs into cigarette lighter *
Lap top with a DVD


Car seat: In some countries (Sweden for example), taxis all come with car seats, but most other countries don't, so consider your journey carefully if not hiring a car. First seats are easy to transport - you can check them in.

Back pack: This would be useful for destinations where you're planning to walk to the beach without the buggy, or any city with lots of steps/hills (or bridges).

Child booster seat: (especially one that folds up)
Restaurants don't always have very many high chairs. Also, if you're staying in a villa, it's ideal for enabling your child to sit at the table with you.

Portable stairgate: Useful for its stressbusting qualities. It might also enable you to consider a broader range of self-catering properties.

Lap top: If you've got a lap top with a DVD then take it (or get a DVD upgrade if you can)! Transforms most journeys into video heaven.

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First aid
luxury holiday with baby

* indicates recommendation on what to buy page

Thermometer *
Calpol (baby paracetemol) sachets
Oral rehydration powder sachets such as Dioralyte
Insect repellent*
Calamine lotion
Medicated talc
Plasters and bandages
Antiseptic and disinfectant wipes
Anti-histamine cream
Zinc and castor oil cream
Calendula cream*
Homeopathic remedies*
Lavender oil*


Calendula cream: Particularly effective all-round soother for conditions including nappy rash

Suncream: Spray or roll-on versions are particularly good for babies and toddlers

Homeopathic remedies: In particular: arnica for any accident and for bruises, aconite (for shock), cantharis (burns); chamomilla drops for teething. Babygoes2 recommends homeopathic travel first aid kit.

Lavender oil: Effective relief from stings, scratches and burns

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Long haul
luxury holiday with children

* indicates recommendation on what to buy page
As above, but in particular:

Essentials to last at least a couple of days
Travel kettle (and adaptor)*
Mosquito net*
Small, cardboard or battery-operated fans
Bottled drinking water when out and about
Antibacterial wipes*
high factor sun screen* (reapply frequently)
Long-sleeved shirts/trousers/pyjamas and lots of eucalyptus-based
repellent which is safe for children*

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luxury holiday in UK

* indicates recommendation on what to buy page
As above, but in particular:

Jackets with detachable liners
Edgie wedgie (holds the skis together)
Ski harness*


Edgie wedgie: This holds the skis together to make for easier snow ploughing.

Reindeer ski harness: This will allow you to ski behind the kids while keeping them under control.

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Toy tips
luxury holiday with baby in UK

*While you don't want to weigh yourself down with any more luggage than you have to, a few well-chosen, small toys along with crayons, washable pens, books could mean the difference between a bored, fractious and a contented, stimulated little travelling companion(s)

*Remember that most destinations will inevitably offer some cheap (which means it's not a disaster if you decide not to cram them in your suitcase for the journey home) toy options - from plastic tractors to buckets and spades

*Consider preparing three small bags of toys: one for the trip; one for your destination; and one for the trip home

*Be on the look-out for likely candidates in the weeks and months leading up to the break, and packing them away ready for the journey/holiday. Wrapping them up in bits of (old) wrapping paper will buy you a bit more time as well. Alternatively put a few small things in a washing powder tablet net or small zip-up cosmetic bag, just the things for little fingers to get to grips with.

*BabyGoes2 recommends everything from squishy things, to bendy things, to things that make noises (not too loud if you're on a plane), to things that light up, open up, zip up, pop up, pop open

BabyGoes2 top 10

1 Finger/hand puppets : small, light and perfect for letting your child's (as well as your own) imagination run riot

2 Baby Beads: coloured beads threaded on elastic providing a handful of fun, with lots of colours and great movement possibilities

3 Books

4 Comics (Thomas the Tank Engine, Bill & Ben, Rosie and Jim etc), particularly if your child doesn't normally have them

5 Small cuddly toys

6 Inflatable paddling pool: the perfect way to keep a baby/toddler entertained: any time, any place any where. Fill with water, sand, small toys ... for hours of fun

7 Washable pens or coloured pencils: preferable to crayons if you're travelling somewhere hot as they tend to melt

8 Fuzzy Felt: no mess, no glue, perfect for taking on holiday

9 Erasable scribblers: for a creative journey

10 Personal stereo: great for toddlers and older children and means you won't be subjected to Noddy, Tweenies et al

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Best of the rest:

*Bendy figures (men, women, animals): toddlers will have fun gripping them on to almost anything; miniature snow scenes; large buttons or beads etc threaded onto a shoe lace; mini torch; mini slinky

*As well as some with novelty-value, it's also worth packing a couple of your child/ren's old favourites from home (obviously the lighter the better) which can be revealed just at the moment your toddler is about to pronounce that he wants to "go home and see all his toys"

*Be prepared to play too: the journey time will pass quicker and be more stimulating for both you and your child

*Have one banker toy designed to calm the most explosive situation: one BabyGoes2 member swears by a small-wind up monkey that walks sideways

Things to think about:

*Beware of very tiny things that children could choke on or that you'll spend the whole journey trying to find when they drop on to the floor. One Babygoer thought a small padlock with a key was a great idea until she spent almost the whole journey to Portugal trying to retrieve the miniature key from beneath the aircraft seats.

*Avoid toys that risk being too noisy. Needless to say you'll remain oblivious but the noise of your child's exploding mini modelling balloons, or referee's whistle might not endear you to fellow passengers on board an aircraft for example.

*And if you start to think you're going mad as you sit there stuffing cotton wool into matchboxes and threading buttons on to shoe laces, then consider this toy travel tip we came across. "A hand puppet 'eating' a small, deflated balloon looks as if it is blowing bubbles". Be afraid, be very afraid!

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Car journeys
luxury holidays with children

* indicates recommendation on what to buy page
As above plus:

Travel cot/travel bag (which converts to cot) *
Travel potty*
Cassette storybooks or music
Child's personal stereo
Games to play on any stops - frisbee, bats and soft balls
Colouring book and crayons *
Portable bottle and food warmer *


To keep your children entertained on a car journey: Song and story tapes are an excellent way of keeping restless toddlers content. Better still, when they're old enough, you can present them with a personal stereo so you're not driven round the bend by hours on end of Tweenies!

Paper and crayons: Alternatively, print off pages to colour from sites such as or (choose from characters including Barney, Pokemon, Kipper, Rugrats, A Bug's Life)

For young babies: Mobiles are useful for stimulating younger babies,

A bottle and food warmer: This plugs into a car cigarette lighter - very useful when you're on the move. bottle/food warmer

Travel cot: Check mattress does not sag and that little fingers can't get caught anywhere. For young babies, it's worth considering a travel bag, which converts to cot.

Toilets/travel potty: Especially in early days of potty training, toddlers can be daunted by adult toilets. Travel potties are widely available, including spillproof and ones with absorbent or disposable liners. For use in public toilets, arm yourself with copious amounts of wipes (including antibacterial), both for you and your child's hands. Small spray bottles filled with dilute soap solution are extremely useful for those children who hate having their hands washed. They can also be filled with dilute disinfectant solution for spraying on toilet seats.

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Mumgoes2 - pampering
luxury holidays with baby

You need to make sure that you make good use of all these child-free minutes we’ve helped you to arrange, and really relax. Make sure you find room in your suitcase for a your own pampering kit – some relaxing or uplifting bath oil(lavender or geranium work wonders), a couple of perfumed candles or some oil and a diffuser will create an oasis of calm (try ylang ylang if you need extra relaxing after a stressful journey to help sleep along). If you’re travelling with a willing masseur, then some massage oil is essential packing. If not, then go for an aromatherapy body cream – so much more luxurious than after-sun.

Take the time for the little beauty regimes you never have time for at home. Deep condition your hair, give yourself a facial, a manicure or pedicure, or paint your toenails. Take time to fit in whatever it is you keep meaning to do but never get round to at home – a game of tennis, a long swim, half an hour of yoga, reading a book.

Create your own spa while your baby or toddler(s) are otherwise occupied. Light a candle in your room or villa, luxuriate in the bath, massage some rich cream into your skin, wrap up in a fluffy towel and put your feet up on the patio or balcony (if you’re somewhere hot) or by the fire (if you’re somewhere cold), and just chill out. Perfect.

You’ll find an excellent selection of aromatherapy pampering products on our what to take page. If you’re ready for some full time pampering then go straight to our UK pampering section, or to luxury hotels , where many have integral spas. Enjoy.

Here’s our mum relaxes 2 holiday packing checklist :

* indicates recommendation on what to buy page

Bath oil or shower gel (Lavender or geranium are good)
Body lotion (Lavender or geranium are good)
Essential oils and diffuser
Aromatherapy candles
Manicure kit
Facial kit
Hair conditioning (try Worthington, Dream hair products – great products in handy travel sizes)
Good book

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luxury holidays in UK
luxury holidays with baby
luxury holidays
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