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The travel experts: BabyGoes2 are the subject of an episode of Channel 4's No Going Back as expert assessors of Chateau Ribagnac

Now firmly established as the UK based family travel experts, babygoes2 was delighted to be invited to appear on Channel 4's No Going Back 2004 as expert evaluators of the chateau under renovation.

Two of the team plus their combined 5 children subject the chateau to scrutiny, to assess child friendliness, style, food, comfort, level of service offered and location.

A listing on babygoes2 guarantees successful applicants promotion to a key market and excellent booking generation. A location report with a 'recommended' evaluation gurantees a high profile to the key target market and generates a high level of interest, so the stakes for Chateau Ribagnac were high.

The programme demonstrates the level of professionalism of babygoes2 and the high standards expected of the properties recommended on the site - as well as ably demonstrating the rigours and demands of travellign with 5 children aged 18mthsx2, 5yrs x2 and 7 yrs.

For more information on the programme, the assessment, on babygoes2 as experts or on any aspect of babygoes2, please conact: press@babygoes2

Press Release
Embargoed 9am, Monday, 2nd February 2004, the specialist family travel website, announces first annual awards.

Note to editors: is the definitive guide for parents travelling with children. An essential one-stop resource, it is the only comprehensive website offering everything from where, when and how to go. What you should take with you and where to find it. We can advise on the best company to travel with and take care of the booking. From luxury holidays in the Indian Ocean to camping in Cornwall, has everything families need to help them find their ideal holiday. It also offers a hugely popular and unique tailormade service, which helps those with the will to travel but without the time to research all the options and book the holiday that suits them best. Updated regularly with advice, services and offers, the information is current and relevant. The site content reflects and features the many contributions we get from parents, so that we can provide what is really needed.

For further information, descriptions of award winners, quotes, photos and babygoes2 site data please contact:

Amanda Clow 07976 743089
Debi Green 01273 230669

Press Release is making awards to the best holiday providers. The winners have been selected on the basis of first hand experience from thousands of families who book through It is their comments and criticisms that have made this possible. In each category we have considered:

  • Short haul holidays
  • Long haul holidays
  • Hotel holidays
  • Self-catering holidays

Awards and Criteria

1.Best holiday with formal childcare
To the holiday that offers the most for both parents and children with formal childcare options. Genuinely family friendly, but with no compromise on the experience for adults.
Short haul - Vila Vita Park, The Algarve, Portugal
Long haul - The Residence, Mauritius
Self catering - Periyali Villas, Zakynthos, Greece

2.Best holiday without formal childcare
To the holiday that offers a great experience for both parents and children but without formal childcare.
Short haul - Vignola, Tuscany, Italy
Long haul - Blue Haven Hotel, Tobago
Self catering - Settlers Beach, Barbados

3.Best activity holiday
To the holiday that provides the best conceived and delivered family activities, whilst looking after the needs of little ones. This award will be split into two categories, short haul and long haul.
Short haul - Lakitira, Kos, Mark Warner
Long haul - Club Colonna, Antigua, Sunsail

4.Best luxury holiday
To the luxury holiday that offers the best of everything, for both children and adults.
Short haul - The Anassa, Cyprus
Long haul - St Geran, Mauritius
Self catering long haul - Round Hill Villas, Jamaica
Self catering short haul - Elounda Gulf Villas, Crete

5. Best independently operated holiday
To the best independently operated accommodation, where children are especially welcome and catered for.
Short haul - Villa Pia, Umbria, Italy
Long haul - Laem Set Inn, Koh Samui, Thailand
Self catering - Cornish Tipi Holidays, Cornwall, UK

6. Best villa-hotel
The ultimate stress free experience: the flexibility of a villa with the facilities of a high quality hotel.
Short haul - Pine Cliffs Sheraton, The Algarve, Portugal
Long haul - Windjammer Landing, St Lucia

7. Best UK holiday
Hotel - The Ickworth, Suffolk
Self catering - Pennard Hill Farm, Somerset

8. Most popular tour operator offering childcare options
Self catering - Simply Travel
Hotel - Powder Byrne

9. Best spa where children are welcome
Short haul - Le Meridien Limassol Spa and Resort, Cyprus
Long haul - Le Touessrok, Mauritius

10. Best boutique hotel
Short haul - The Choupana Hills Spa and Resort, Madeira
Long haul - Little Good Harbour, Barbados

What the papers say:

'Best of the Net: One of the top 5 websites that Guardian Unlimited Travel
editor Gwyn Topham and Ros Taylor recommend every traveller should have
bookmarked' : Travel Guardian 09 August 2003

Profile of founder Debi Green - Woman and Home Feb 2003

'Website of the Day' BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright in the Afternoon April -
2002 Guardian travel website of the week (12.5.2001)

"Yes, this site was featured last week, but it's so good that it deserves a mention in any round-up of sites for parents. Written by and for British parents, it covers the challenge of travelling with a baby or toddler in great depth" The Guardian (19.5.2001)

" offers solutions to your travel predicaments – where to go and how to do it... a slick and well-designed guide for parents travelling with babies and young children... don't go anywhere until you've been here first" The Independent (17.4.2001)

" Great for buying a wide range of baby gear and also for its mini cityguides …they are really inspirational for parents who thought they could never have a citybreak again. Good section for single parents with useful links and suggestions" The Times (14.7.2001)

"Excellent new site formed by two working mothers who were getting nowhere with their travel agent. Loads of information, from on-board facilities with airlines to what to pack for a baby. The best feature is a section on holidays worldwide, with and without childcare, including nitty-gritty information and pictures" Junior Magazine (July 2001)

"Whether you fancy short or long-haul or a break in the UK, this website for child-friendly holidays does the groundwork for you. It’s run by two working mums who have thought of everything from how to choose a holiday to packing checklists and tips and advice" Mother and Baby (July 2001)

"Essential reading if you’re travelling with a child" Mother and Baby (August 2001)

What our visitors say:

"Your site was a god-send and should really help all those struggling to get information about child-friendly holidays. Until now, one’s needed a holiday to recover from the process of finding a holiday. There are so few years when the children are small that you can’t afford to make a mistake. Thanks again." Debbie Seymour, July 2001

We say: went live on 11 April 2001 and has attracted extensive press coverage. It’s been featured in:

The Evening Standard (11.4.2001)

The Independent (the daily website and website of the week 17.4.2001/21.4.2001),

The Express (21.4.2001)

Mail on Sunday (6.5.2001)

New Baby (June 2001)

Conde Nast Traveller (June 2001)

The Observer (June 2001)

The Independent on Sunday (July 2001)

BBC Radio Scotland has also been featured in a variety of regional papers, including the Brighton Evening Argus and The Sunday Post in Scotland .

For further information/press releases/requests please contact


Press Release:

Have Baby, STILL Travel Launch date: 11 April 2001

 * is the UK's first, essential guide to travelling with the under-fives: worldwide where to go and how to do it.

 *It offers parents the kind of individual and exciting breaks they experienced BC (before children) and saves them valuable time by researching where to stay for them. 

*BabyGoes2 is unique in that unlike other family travel/general parenting sites, it features actual properties/hotels (and says why they're suitable for parents), rather than just suggesting tour operators. In addition, the key system enables parents to see at-a-glance if a particular property reflects their priorities, whether it's a playground or pampering.

*Whether it's a few days spent close to home or three weeks in Mauritius, BabyGoes2 has unearthed an excellent range of travel options, with and without childcare: from cottages with enclosed gardens in Cornwall, to family-friendly house parties in Italy, and family hiking in Morocco.

 *Having decided where to go, BabyGoes2 provides vital information on how to go: from packing checklists to details of the most family-friendly airlines. The comprehensive tips and advice section offers advice on everything from how to keep your toddler entertained on a plane, to the easiest way to get your baby photographed for a passport.

 *BabyGoes2 is the only one-stop travel resource for parents on the move: order brochures, request a booking form, and browse the essential shopping section; there's even a tailormade option based on a particular wish-list.

 *BabyGoes2 is user-friendly - combining stylish presentation with clear, concise information, special offers and competitions, as well as editorial on many of the locations and properties featured.

 *BabyGoes2 aims to reflect its audience: the feedback and write a review sections enable parents to have their say and will build towards a comprehensive travel network for those with a baby on board.

 *BabyGoes2 has been set up by two working mothers - a journalist and a travel marketing manager - who have discovered that, with sufficient research and planning, travelling with a baby CAN be both enjoyable and relaxing.

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