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Essential equipment

Having the right equipment to travel with can make all the difference to your holiday or trip. We recommend lots of time and stress-saving articles in our
plan it section, but we know from experience that they can be tricky to locate. Even if you know where to look, it can be hard to find the time to scour the brochure and make the order.

So we’ve brought together our recommendations for great products - all tried and tested by us or by Babygoes2 members - which really do make for smoother journeys and trips.

You can click directly through to the item you require. Please make sure that you order through Babygoes2 and quote us as a reference (a mention will help us to secure bigger and better offers and discounts for our members).Happy shopping!

Remember – if you’ve got a product or item you think is the bees knees just contact us and let us know.

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